Current Transmissions:


Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

Max eyes flickered open, like the wings of a butterfly revealing the iris.

"Max-ay," Frank said as he stood over him. "Welcome back, you magnificent bastard!"

As he sat up and got his bearings once again, Frank handed him a cup of coffee.

"Knew you'd need this when you got up there, big guy." Frank cracked a smile, a genuine smile, unlike the smile of a shark. "I bet you're hungry."

And he was.

Hungry like a wolf.

Then the refrain "Do do do do do do do dodo dododo dodo" kicked in his head and he chuckled.

Angst skipped in from the other room; she was giddy with glee upon seeing Max sitting up on the edge of the cot, sipping a coffee.

"MAX!" she shouted as she tackled him and they went sprawling over the cot and onto the floor, spilling coffee about the place.

"Angst!" Frank scolded. "Come on, you know he's not one hundred percent."

"But Frankie," she pleaded. "It's him, it's Max!"


Gathering Of Dragons

Dexter stepped down from the curb and crossed the street. He headed to the Diner and saw Wraith sitting at the booth, sipping what he presumed was tea. He hadn't seen her since the Brownstone incident a few months back and a smile cracked that face of his when he spotted her.

"Dex," Angst said as she approached him. "What's going on?"

"Just got here myself, Angsty," he replied. "Don't know who put up the Bat Signal but it went out on all frequencies."

"Well, whatever it is," Frank interjected. "We'll soon find out."



1      1     0     1     0     
[  op  |  rs |  rt |  rd |shunt| funct]  R-type
[  op  |  rs |  rt | address//immediate] I-type
[  op  |        target address//insert]  J-type
project: initiated. send device. 

//one eight zero one//

10: activate
20: go to 10

Time: March, 19, 1801
Place: London, England

Stephan du Mauriette strolled along the street when he heard what appeared to be a ripping, tearing sound.

He stopped and saw a flash of light coming from an alleyway. His curiosity piqued he approached the alleyway with slight caution.

His eyes widened in unknown discovery at the device sitting there.


One Document of One













> Chance in Plureality 4

The full moon danced off the hood of the speeding white Buick as it raced through crowded streets. Pedestrians hurled insults and dove out of its way. 

“I don’t even know what street this is!” Darius screamed, slamming a palm off the steering wheel. 

“Well, it’s not like we’re looking for a spot for dinner, right…” Two-feathers chimed. Her braids flying in the wind passing through the missing wind-shield. 

“I should know this place… That’s what’s getting to me… None of this is right…” Darius' voice shook. The screaming from the backseat broke through the chatter as another hail of bullets took off the driver-side mirror. Darius wrenched the wheel right, taking the Buick through a red light and causing a domino effect of scattering cars. The black van followed; making it through unscathed. 

“Am I…. Is he okay?” he asked. 

Two-feathers climbed over the seat, sending a few rounds back at the van. Curled up in a ball in the back seat, a young teen in a ratty trench coat screamed in pain; he was holding his face in his hands, which were covered in blood. 

“Oh…. No god… Darius, he’s hurt bad… “ Two-feathers reached a hand to Darius’ shoulder. 

“How bad?!” More gunfire from behind chewed into the trunk as Two-Feathers lay over of the boy to protect him. Darius winced, and put a hand to his face. “This isn’t right at all…” 

“It’s his eye… glass everywhere.“ Tears streamed down her face. More screams. More gunfire. The Buick screeched around a corner onto an empty street. Darius pushed the pedal even further to the floor as two sets of headlights rounded the bend coming straight for them…. 

They made it through the racers, but the van wasn’t so lucky. The tuner turned a pop can with a bone crushing smash, the van lurched over its own front end, but not before one of the Hunter team ejected through the window and out into the street. Darius slammed on the break. It hit him then, like the car wreck behind them. 

“Why are you stopping? There could be more coming… There are always more coming!” Two-Feathers panicked, one hand holding the young man, the other waving around the hand cannon. 

“I know.," Darius said slowly as he climbed out of the car. He opened the back door and leaned in over the pair, his hands emitting a soft glow. “And I think I know why.” The screaming had stopped, the boy passed out from the pain. Darius moved his hands away to check his wounds. “I can’t save the eye, but he won’t bleed out," he said placing his hands gently on the young man's face. When he took his hands away the glow was gone, but so were the wounds. Pock marks and scars remained. 

“So we go now Darius? We go?” Two-Feathers still struggled with the language in tense moments. She shook visibly, the gun wobbling in her hand. 

“Not all of us, my dear, No.” He frowned. Tears welling up in his eyes as he slid her braids aside and put a hand on her cheek. Tears ran across his hand. 

“Why… we keep running. We always get away. Right? We find Max. I said I help you find Max!” Two-Feathers dropped the gun; it clattered off the young man’s skateboard next to the seat. 

“They’re after me, love. Not you. Not him. This is what I have to do this time, you see.” He brushed some of the tears from her cheek and pulled a necklace from his neck. 

“Darius… Two-Feathers doesn’t want to lose you again.” She sobbed. 

“That’s just it, sweetheart… you aren’t losing me. This is not how you lose Me.” Taking his hand from her face he gently lifted the young man’s head and placed the necklace around his neck; the silver crucifix resting on his chest. He picked up a small battered bible from the floor of the car and put it into a pocket of the tattered long coat. Two-feathers watched this and, between sobs and wiping tears, a puzzled look replaced the pain in her eyes. “This is not losing me. This… Two-Feathers… is how we meet.” 

He smiled and wiped his own tears away, before leaning in to gently kiss her forehead. Screeching tires killed the moment. 

 “Go. Now!” Darius said, stepping back out the door and slamming it. “Drive, and keep your eyes on him. Everything will work out, trust me. Just keep him safe. Look out for him, like you always did me.” 

More tears, but in a rush of braids and feathers, she hopped into the front seat. “I love you, Darius…" she chimed in, with a sad smile from amidst the bullet-ridden Buick. 

“Remind me later, love," he says with a smile and a nod, as the Buick tears away. She watched him turn towards the wreckage of the cars in the rear-view. The young man stirred in the backseat, the chain of the necklace rattled. The rear-view caught the reinforcements arriving, the dark streets lit up with a white glow. She pushed the car harder, and the view disappeared around a corner. Then the sound of gunfire echoed into the night, along with the tears, and the feathers on the wind.


Transmission Z

*skrt*... by the gods.... what the hell is she doing in this place...*static* *pop* *crackle*

*skrt*... I think that's him...*crackle*... is that what I think it is? *pop* *static*

*skrt* unlocking code... *crackle* ... Tango Niner Seven Seven, make sure you punch... *pop* *skrt*

... I don't know about you guys, but, this is our David Bowman moment... *skrt* *pop*


Max (Kiefer Sutherland - early 30s)

Maggie (Yvonne Strahovski - early 30s)

Aqua (Dakota Fanning - late teens)

Dexter (D.B. Woodside - late 30s)

Frank (Demian Bichir - late 40s)

Callan (Chia-Hui Liu - 30s)

Angst (Keira Knightley - early 20s)

Suki (Fuka Koshiba - early teens)

Wraith (Maggie Q - 30s)

Goner (Michael Pena - early 20s)

Darius (Shawn Ashmore - late teens)

Akimoto (Vladimir Kulich - early 40s)


v.Super The Heretic

What if a person's touch could disrupt the delicate flow of the autonic field? Here he comes, sparking chaos with each punch! Matter changing state, technology malfunctioning, biology and neurology transforming - these are but a few of the wild effects of Heretic's power. He has mastered the art of summoning these disruptive surges of autons and 'tagging' people or objects with them, so they will erupt after a time delay. 


v.Super The Channel

Where the strange currents of the autonic field flow, wonders may happen! When Channel taps into the field he can connect other sources of energy, creating links that amplify properties, boost powers and even share thoughts. A mighty ally, he has been witnessed igniting Tower's shield, electrifying Seraphim's touch, and transforming Silhouette into smoke...   

v.Super The Tower

Defender! Protector! Guardian! Able to surround himself and others in a shield of charged autons, Tower becomes impregnable against flame, bullets, and even lasers. When villains strike he is there to keep them at bay, and keep innocents from harm's way! Always fearless, he is the first to rush into danger.

v.Super The Silhouette

What is that shadow in the corner of your eye? Could it be Silhouette, altering the autonic field around her to become near-invisible? A master of stealth, enemies can not see her approach - even with the highest of technologies! Nor can any trap hold her, for she can modulate the autons in her body to pass through solid matter.


v.Super The Seraphim

Behold, she arrives! At her gentle touch, a pulse of the autonic field eases pain, mends wounds, even cures diseases! Some say that she draws the damage into herself, transforming it into strength. Seraphim is a healer but also a fierce opponent, for those who carry malice in their heart can feel her grip as a purging fire!


v.Super The Shifter

Imagine a man who can blink through space in the wink of an eye! Able to teleport to any location he can see, be it with his eyes, a camera, or even a drawing. Suddenly appearing to rescue those in danger, disappearing to escape from the villains who seek to control him. How does he tap into the mysterious autonic field to perform such amazing feats? No one knows! Rumours say that Shifter travels between dimensions - because sometimes when he teleports he comes back with bizarre objects and knowledge...

Transmisson Y


*skrt*... CQ CQ come in CQ. *crackle*

*static**crackle* ... Ya, we see it. It's like... *skrt*

*crackle* *skrt* .... passing through it now,,, feels funny like thousands of tiny needles... *static*

(some weird clanking noise like a door opening)

*static* ... yep, that's what i thought.... *pop* *pop*

v.D& The Godhammer

The first crypitc messages that the Dragons are given by the Sage lead them to a hidden glade in an ancient Fae Wood, long ago ravaged by the Ashen Tradition. In this glade they find an orphaned Changeling girl - a human raised by the Fae, shaped by their magic. No Changelings survived the Storm and no one knows what this girl will one day become. Another mystery is the origin of the mighty enchanted weapon that she carries; Maighread names the girl The Godhammer, claiming the title is from a tale told in the time before the Storm. 'Hammer' becomes the youngest member of the Order, wielding her fearsome mallet with a skill beyond her years.


v.D& The Dragons

The new Order of the Dragon welcomes all wayfarers, wanderers and outcasts who devote their talents to helping the Free Folk. 

The Lady Dread fights for the Fae, who have been mercilessly hunted by the Ashen Tradition to be corrupted into vicious Ravagers. Her prowess in combat stems from her training as a Leafdancer.

Freeman is a former Child of the Pyre. Maighread bested him in battle and gave him the choice to die or repent. He now lends his arcane powers to the cause of the Dragons and seeks redemption for the harms he has caused.

The Faded Knight is the last surviving soldier of the Order of the Griffon. He had been imprisoned by the Red Cadre at a distant Keep. 'Fade' was rescued by Jorja the Fair and told to seek out Maximus if he wanted revenge against his captors.

The Dragons are sometimes granted aid by a mysterious apparition that they call the Sage. No one knows the Sage's origin or agenda, but his riddles and secrets have often brought the Dragons good fortune.


v.D& Maighread

Long before the rise of the Red Cadre, the Children of the Pyre, and the Ashen Tradition, before the realm fell into chaos and fear, a company of Knights served justice and kept the peace. They were known as the Order of the Dragon. Legend says that they were the first of all the Orders, inspiring the Crow, the Spider, the Griffon and the Unicorn, and that they were the first to fall when the Storm came. Now, when the remaining Orders have been attacked and destroyed or imprisoned, a lone warrior appears bearing the standard of the Dragon and begins rallying champions to the cause of peace and the overthrow of tyranny.

v.D& Maximus

Maximus is an orphan taken in by the the Order of the Crow and trained in combat, tracking and the bardic arts. Before Maximus can complete his training and become a Knight, the Order is attacked and destroyed by the Red Cadre. The wizards of the Cadre imprison Maximus and practice their foul magic upon him until a fellow captive, Jorja the Fair, uses her cunning and trickery to allow them to escape. The two part afterwards, for their safety, but vow to reunite one day. Maximus also vows to use his skills in the service of the Free Folk and to vanquish the Red Cadre.


Transmission X


Intermittent Transmission:

.... leave it to the....*crackle*..... it's no good. *skrt* *static* ... we're screwed...*crackle*
...what the hell....*skrt* bang, bang, bang, They are coming!.... *static* whatever you are going to do do it now... *skrt* only a few more moments.... *static*
 *silence* *skrt* JESUS CHRIST IT'S... *static*

v.GB Jiro

Fleeing from a hit squad of extraterrestrial assassins, Mackenzie Cube took refuge in the subway, hoping to evade pursuit. She had been seriously injured and was on the verge of passing out when a young boy came to her aid. Jiro respected Macks' plea that no ambulance or police be called and he performed first aid himself, under her direction. Jiro was on the run too, from a neglectful foster-home. Mackenzie gave him a gift of an alien hunter's pistol and the two became fast friends.


v.GB Francine

Two young hackers known by the handles 'The Professor' and 'Trump' were able to create a cloaked backdoor channel into Omega Station 6, the site of a secret cloning program. Over the course of three years, they slowly and delicately tinkered with the system and were able to re-program one of the clones. They left the combat and tactical coding intact but altered the motivation from obedience to rebellion. When the techs at the Station activated the clone she broke loose and escaped. Some time after, Mackenzie Cube located the clone and began guiding her in her new life as a renegade. The clone eventually chose the name Francine. 


v.GB Goner

Goner joined the local anti-government rebels at a young age and grew up participating in protests and acts of civil disobedience. As the government became increasingly oppressive and their tactics became more violent, the rebels' activities became more radical and militarized. Goner struggled personally with the direction the rebel movement was taking; she was, however, first and foremost, loyal to her friends. Until the government launched Operation LEGACY and infiltrated the rebels with sleeper agents, eventually turning the movement against itself. Goner's cell was targeted in a large-scale assault; she was the only survivor, rescued by the mysterious Magnus Magenta.

v.GB Angst

Angst earned his nickname from a local sports announcer for the feeling of dread that he would cause in the opposing team whenever he took to the field. His college football career was on track to be legendary until he suffered a sudden and severe nervous breakdown. Hospital records describe Angst experiencing paranoid delusions and claiming that he could read people's minds. After an intensive treatment of psycho-pharmaceuticals and ECT, he was released. Shortly after, he disappeared. Angst was last seen in the company of a woman later identified as Mackenzie Cube.


v.GB Magnus Magenta

Magnus has been sighted in a wide variety of locations throughout history. The theories as to his origin and true nature are many. A common one is that he is in fact an alien from an advanced civilization sent to Earth to protect the innocent, punish the guilty and guide humanity along its evolution to the stars. He is a brutal warrior and rumoured to have psychic powers. Magnus is rarely seen without his blade or a helping hand for those in need.


v.GB Mackenzie Cube

Mackenzie was a top-level psychologist with the Omega Station 12 program. She was responsible for monitoring the mental health of the test subjects and administering treatment as necessary. After years of failed results the project finally produced an agent who was capable of combining Omega Magic with Neo-Linguistic Programming. In her final session with the agent before their deployment, Mackenzie shot them and escaped the facility. She took with her numerous documents and psychoactive compounds relating to the Plureality research. Her current agenda is unknown.


Origin Stories

Sometimes The Professor finds you first. Cryptic signs and mysterious messages. Clues and riddles. Tuning you into the different frequencies that reveal secret worlds hidden in plain sight. The Professor gives you guidance.

Sometimes Morganfokker finds you first. Painful surgeries and terrible sacrifices. Injections and dissections. Implanting you with the knowledge that everything you know is a lie. Morganfokker tests you and experiments on you.

Sometimes Maggie finds you first. Her hand on your shoulder, gentle and strong. Standing watch over you while you stare in shock as the world turns to ruins around you and demons charge forth from your darkest places. Maggie protects you.

Sometimes Max finds you first. He makes a joke, tells you a story. He probably has some crazy theory about what's happening. One minute he's ranting, the next he's tearing up when you play him your favourite song. Max makes things stranger or more normal or both.

No matter who finds you first, or who comes next, to clean up the mess or bind the wounds or offer explanations, to make you feel better or worse about it all, once you are in it you are in it for good. The only way out is to get dead, and even that might not last – just ask Suki or Goner.

And, of course, because that's the way of things here, you could be found first a few times, by a few different people, different combinations, different versions, some you remember and some you can't but they're all still somehow yours. They're all still somehow you.

I was abducted from the Eighth Tribe on a planet far away from Earth by an army of Fokkerbots; Max rescued me. I also went to college and met a girl named Maggie who got me into role-playing games and introduced me to the Professor. I might have been part of a girl named Kitty. Sometimes I've been here since the beginning, and other times I'm the newest recruit.

My name is Tatterdemalion and one day I will tell you the story of how I destroyed the Metaplex.


"Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship"

If his calculations were correct.

If his calculations were correct this call would change everything.

Years of calculations. He had been doing this for so long - had he been a young man once? The development of the model of Noo-Mo-Omniism. The study of Plureality. The development of Omega Magic. Version Theory.

If his calculations were correct he would be making contact with the Prime Variable, the repeating cluster of data that recurred throughout all levels of the holoarchy, in all iterations of the fractal. The 'Cube', as he called it, a nickname referencing the act of raising a quantity to the third power, the transformation of something two-dimensional into something three-dimensional. That which transcends the plane it is drawn upon, like the way in chess that a Knight can move over/through other pieces who can only travel on the surface of the board... It made sense to him, anyway.

Years researching plexwave radiation, designing and building the Plexotron. And everything, and everyone, he gave up along the way. Carrying this desperate vision, this certainty that things could be other than what they are, this burden like Frodo carrying the One Ring to Mt. Doom.

If his calculations were correct this call had probably taken place dozens, maybe hundreds of times before, in different versions. It was a cause, an effect, a strange attractor. For him though, now, here, this call would mean the beginning of creating Continuity in a Fragmented system. The genesis of understanding. It would mean that the Cube would no longer be alone. And neither would he.

He took a deep breath and picked up the cell phone. Dialled the number calculated by the Plexotron.

Ring. Click. "Hello?" The voice sounded far away.

"Um... May I ask who I am speaking to?" he said.

Pause. "My name is Max."

"Max, this is the Professor."

Later in the Metaplex...