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C2IP: The Agenda War X - Final

The Masked Man was shouting, a voice raw with rage. "None of you really care! None of you give a shit!"

She feels dizzy, feels for a moment as if she is back on The Horsebreeder's Ranch, the night it burned. Maybe I died there and now I'm a ghost...

The dizziness keeps her from noticing Brogan staggering out of the flames, pistol in hand.

The Masked Man draws on Brogan but Brogan squeezes first and a burst of blood erupts from the Masked Man's head.

Brogan's gun sounds strange. Mags remembers the rumours, that the gun Logollos shot Sugarcube with had sounded strange. It's bringing her back, the sound, the question of it, bringing her back from the ranch, but too slowly.

Brogan already turning to face her, gun raised.

And part of her mind, staggering out of the flames from that night at the ranch into the flames that are swallowing Omega, part of her is trying to see if she can see, now that their hat is knocked off from the gunshot, if she can see who The Masked Man is...

Even as she, reflexes kicking in, raises her own gun at Brogan, but still too slow.

Maybe I am going to find out what happened to Sugarcube after all.

Except there are suddenly hoofbeats like thunder and a horse and rider charge out of the smoke. Right behind Brogan. And the rider, a massive man, shirtless and bloodied, long blond hair tangled and damp with sweat, hacks Brogan's head off with a giant sword.

"Maggie!" the rider roars, a savage grin on his face. "It's time to go!"

And she remembers him, another wave of dizziness, a wave of memories, enough to drown her - Vlad, he was called, and Akimoto - and the dizziness overtakes her, starting to fall, and the memories, remembering what it feels like to shift.